Brand Protection

Our 4 steps to good brand protection

Step 1
Arrange a meeting with us. We need to speak to you to discover what you want to achieve with your brand and to find out what legal protection you might already have in place.

Step 2
We will prepare a report. This may cover the following issues:-

  • whether you need to acquire the copyright in the logo you have had designed from the sub-contracted designer you used to create the logo
  • whether you need to consider obtaining registered design protection for the new shape of the packaging you intend to use
  •  whether you need to have some trade mark searches run to see if the new trade mark or logo you wish to use is likely to be considered too close to someone else’s
  • what trade marks should be registered and where – UK, European Union, worldwide?
  • whether you should commission trade mark watches, to see if competitors are not using your marks
  • whether your domain name portfolio is sufficient
  • whether any of your proposed courses of action are likely to have tax implications, and therefore whether tax advice should be sought.

Step 3
You agree with us the work to be done; the work can be phased to help spread costs over time.

Step 4
We carry out the agreed work and provide you with periodic status reports. We will ask for your input if a problem occurs, if it does, we will provide you with your options and our recommendation.

You have a solid set of legal rights which enhance the value of your brand and give you means to defend yourself against counterfeiters and competitors.

Your legal rights will increase the value of your company to any organisation who might be looking to acquire your company (or a part of it) in the future.

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