UKIPO publishes Crime and Enforcement Report

The UKIPO has just issued its annual IP Crime and Enforcement Report, and it makes interesting reading for any brand owner, but particularly those who sell products which are attractive to counterfeiters.

Worryingly, Police Scotland are quoted in the report as saying that ‘The most problematic aspect in taking effective enforcement action against those involved in the commissioning of IP offences is dealing with consumer apathy’. Consumers are clearly assuming that any product they purchase in the UK is safe and will function as intended, even if it is counterfeit.  While on the one hand it is comforting to know that we live in a society where consumers complacently assume any product they buy is safe, this is a hugely risky assumption, as a review of the report will reveal. Counterfeit MAC lipsticks were found to contain 300 times the legal limit of lead, for example, which makes the £10 (or thereabouts) saving associated with buying the counterfeit product look very poor value for money.

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Authored by Cathy Ayers

Posted on: 12th September 2018