It is crucial to protect your intellectual property from the outset of a new business venture. Proper protection of your intellectual property not only provides security for the future revenues of your business, it can also help you secure outside investment in your venture, and add value to your company.

The company’s brand name and the names of products should be protected by trade marks and the relevant domain names secured as soon as possible. Advice should be taken on filing a patent application for any product involving a new invention, well in advance of any public disclosure of the invention. It may also be possible to file registered design applications to protect the look of the product.

Here at Cleveland Scott York, we are able to assist with all aspects of intellectually property and can help you ensure that the strongest possible protections are in place as you start your new business. We are experienced in dealing with start-up companies, and can guide you through the process such that the various steps and associated costs are as transparent as possible.