Patent Box

Here at Cleveland Scott York, we are able to provide specialist assistance with claims under the Patent Box regime..

The Patent Box regime introduced in April 2013 provides tax relief for UK companies exploiting certain qualifying patents. The regime effectively provides for a 10 per cent tax rate on qualifying profits derived from UK, EPO or many EEA national patents.

We can help identify the potential for patentable matter within an organisation via an Intellectual Property audit and assessment.

Once complete, we will give you a “menu” of possible actions, together with associated costs, steps involved and realistic timescales. We will also include strategies tailored to maximise the size and speed of Patent Box benefits, work with any existing R&D Tax Credit applications and control costs of the patenting aspects.

We can also provide evidence of what is covered by your patent portfolio, for HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) purposes.

Cleveland Scott York has trusted relationships with accountants who fully understand how the regime works. So if you need it, we can arrange a complete service through to making your application for relief to HMRC.

For more information on the process of obtaining the benefits of the Patent Box regime, please see our guide here.

If you think Patent Box may be of benefit to your organisation and you would like a free initial discussion, please contact us.

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