Overseas Attorneys

We have experience working with patent and trade mark attorneys throughout the world, and we value the cooperative relationships.

We will guide you through the relevant IP systems in Europe to ensure your clients’ commercial interests are met. We understand key differences between IP systems in different countries and so can advise on potential pitfalls, as well as any additional rights that might be available. To provide the most appropriate level of service, we like to work with you to establish your clients’ IP objectives. Sometimes, simple protection in Europe may be all that’s required. At other times, you may need more detailed technical and strategic advice. We structure our charges, ensuring that our standard processing fees are as low as possible and our team structure means that we can delegate work to an appropriate level to deliver maximum cost effectiveness.

Throughout the process, we provide detailed cost estimates, so you can manage your clients’ expectations. Continuity is vital. So, to ensure consistent and targeted advice, we make sure that wherever appropriate, your instructions are managed by the same team within Cleveland Scott York. You will always know who is taking care of your clients, so that you can contact them whenever you need an update. Our own extensive UK client base means that we often need local expertise, enabling us to build an even stronger working relationship.